Welcome to the Fade In Awards FAQ (Most Frequently Asked Questions)

Who judges the competition? Judging is comprised of three rounds: quarter-finalist, semi-finalist and finalists. The judges for the first round (quarters) are WGAw writers. Judges for the second (semis) and final round (finals) are both WGAw writers and select (they differ each year) agents and managers. Note: Our Advisory Board does not judge the competition.


May non-U.S. residents enter? Yes.


May I enter a short film or web series?Yes! We added web series as a new format this year. When entering, simply include the link to your short or web series in the synopsis box (along with any passwords required).


Will you also accept a teleplay?Yes! This year, in addition to accepting web series we added teleplays as a format.


May I submit a screenplay that I’ve written with a writing partner? Yes, as long as your partner also signs the application form and is listed on the application as a co-writer.


My project is based on a book. May I still enter? If you have rights to the underlying material or the material is in the public domain, you may enter a screenplay or teleplay adaptation.


Your rules state that I may enter one screenplay. Am I able to enter into more than one category (i.e., genre)? No. You should only check one genre for your script to compete in. If you are unsure of your script’s genre, contact us.


I would like to enter more than one script into the competition. Is this acceptable? Yes. You will need to enter any additional submissions under a new application and additional entry fee.


Many competitions don’t meet their deadlines for notification of advancement into quarters and semis. How does your competition fare with the printed deadline you give for notification? The only time a legitimate competition may run late is when there are more entries to review than they anticipated receiving for that given year, in which case you should be glad the competition is taking additional time to review each entry thoroughly before making any announcements, or when there is a force majeure situation, which happened with the Writers Guild strike of ’07/08 (many of our first-round judges were on picket lines). It is always our goal to meet our deadline, but as explained above, sometimes it is beyond our control.


Once my material has been selected as a winner, what is the process that I am agreeing to by signing the application? Our first priority is to help you with any needed editing, revisions or polishes prior to making any formal announcements in the magazine or trades about your win. Once we’ve addressed with you any reason a representative or producer may come back and say “No,” we move on to the next stage of the process, which is marketing. As one of the longest running competitions in the industry, our contact list of of representatives from New York to Los Angeles is vast. And because we have maintained a record of discovering new talent that go on to become professional working writers, these representatives take our finalists seriously. Your screenplay/teleplay, short or web series may be requested by producers, agents or managers for their consideration throughout the year. You only have one shot at making a good impression. Another part of our process is disbursement of prizes. Once you’ve been selected as a winner, you will be asked to fill out a W-9 tax form, as we are required by law to report all winnings to the government. Once we receive all finalists’ tax forms we disburse prizes within approximately 120-180 days.


There are so many writing competitions out there, what makes your competition one to enter?If your goal to entering a competition is to get results (i.e., signed, optioned, produced, etc.) then simply look at the results the competition you are looking to enter gets for their winners. We have had the most sales, options and agency and management signings of any writing competition, sans the Nicholl’s. Our screenplay winners have gone to make The Black List (NBC), Blades of Glory, Wedding Crashers, Taking Lives, Javelina (2009), Adam, Clay Pigeons, After Sunset, Preston Tylk and Perfect Stranger, just to name a few! For more information about our winners, including testimonials, please visit the contest’s homepage.


How can I keep up-to-date on the competition, from the judging process to the announcements of finalists? You can follow us on Twitter for updates: http://www.twitter.com/fadeinawards


Didn’t see your question answered here? Contact us.