Hollywood Pitch Festival VIRTUAL PASS



Can’t make the live event? Now you can!

Fade In has partnered with Greenlightmymovie.com (our sister site) to give those who might be economically or geographically challenged the opportunity to virtually attend the 21st Annual Hollywood Pitch Festival [HPF].

This means, wherever you are in the world, you too will be able to pitch your film or television project, book, web series or short film to your choice of over 200+ Hollywood buyers and representatives participating in the HPF without leaving your home.

Greenlightmymovie.com is Hollywood’s Official Submission Platform. Aspiring filmmakers and writers looking to break in and get their work in front of some of the biggest buyers and representatives in the business will be able to submit a synopsis, video pitch (optional), short film, trailer or web series to the companies of their choosing for a guaranteed response.

The Hollywood Pitch Festival VIPs will be taking pitches at Greenlightmymovie.com from July 17th until August 31st.

You can purchase a discount Virtual Pass here – for a limited time – for 20 pitches ($150 savings) or visit Greenlightmymovie to purchase individual pitches/submissions.

Questions regarding the Virtual Pass? Email [email protected]