Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions column regarding Fade In’s Online Hollywood Pitch Festival. If you do not find the answer to your question below, please email us at [email protected]

What do I need in order to participate? You will need a webcam for your computer, a Skype address ( and a screenplay, teleplay, treatment, book or idea to pitch.

Where can I purchase a webcam? Webcams are available for both Mac and PCs, and range from $35.00-200.00 in price. You can purchase a webcam online on websites like and in electronic or computer stores like Radio Shack.

When and how will I sign up for my online meetings? A list of studio and production company executives, producers, agents and managers will be emailed to you approximately one week prior to the event. Subsequent additions will be emailed to you throughout the week preceding the event. From these lists, which will include the company name, company credits, company representative name, title and genres company is currently looking for, you will submit, via email, a list of the companies you would like to meet with in order of preference. Once your sign-up card has been completed, it will then be emailed to you with the approximate times of your online meetings.

How will I be contacted? Executives, agents, managers and producers will have your name, phone number, Skype address and time of the meeting. Fade In will contact you via Skype at the time indicated on your schedule card and connect the meeting.

My writing partner and I would like to pitch together. May we do so under one ticket? Yes. Writing partners may sit in on the same online meeting, as long as they are available at the time of the meeting at the same Skype address.

May I pitch more than one project per online meeting? If the representative is open to hearing a second pitch, and there is still enough time available, you may do so.

If a company wants to see a copy of my script or synopsis, how can I get it to them? If a company requests your material, we will either provide you with their snail mail address or ask you to email us a copy of your script or synopsis to forward to the rep.

What are the advantages of pitching live via Fade In’s Online Hollywood Pitch Festival? Pitching live online not only cuts down on your costs (no airfare, hotel, car rental, etc.) so you can pitch more often, it also affords you more time with Hollywood VIPs without leaving the comfort of your home or office.

Will I be able to schedule my pitch coaching session prior to taking my meetings? Yes, pitch-coaching sessions will be available throughout the week preceding the event. Again, the coach will contact you via Skype for your session.

How do I follow up with each representative after the festival? Since each representative leads a very hectic professional life, we recommend sending a nice thank you card in lieu of calling him or her directly to “see how you liked my story.” Trust us, if they liked your pitch, they’ll contact you. You don’t want to come across as desperate or pesky. Above all, keep your eyes peeled for those opportunities where a call would be in order (e.g., when the rep appears in the trades or gets a new job or promotion, call to congratulate them).