“We found some pretty fascinating projects this year. Thanks!” – Cavalry Media

“I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND to anyone starting off to take full advantage of all events and services that Fade IN offers. I’m thinking about attending the screenwriters conference in March to socialize.” – John Washco

“I just want to thank you for organizing the pitchfest, especially the virtual Skype and Zoom pitches. I pitched six different projects and all six have been requested for material. This was only possible thanks to Fade In Magazine. Regardless of whether or not any of my six projects pan out or not, it was definitely worth it, and I would definitely do this again. Once again, thank you so much, amazing job getting all this together.” – Zee Risek, 2023

“I was offered and I accepted representation thanks to the Hollywood Pitch Festival! I really appreciate that participating gave me the opportunity to get my foot in the door as a screenwriter. Thanks again for all your help and guidance on this journey!” – Mary Elizabeth Summer, 2020

“I found my producer at one of your events. He works for Laura Bickford. So thank you!” – Keon Hedayati, 2022

“HPF is the best opportunity you’ll have to pitch someone in Hollywood who’s actually looking for material. Plus, the people at HPF are supportive and patient. It’s a great investment in yourself.” – Dan Hart, 2022

“Thanks to the Hollywood Pitch Fest, I honed my skills and ultimately found success making documentary films, two of which were just sold and will be released in April. Two more docs are currently in pre-production and production respectively.” – Daniel Putkowski, 2023

“The Pitchfest was AWESOME, as it has been on the three occasions I have attended, and the new online signup was great. You folks do an amazing thing by providing us with such an extreme opportunity.” – Rich Malory, 2019

“I picked up a manager from pitching at your event and they are doing all my emailing now to the people who requested.”
– Dawn Nelson, 2020

“I met with the VP of Development from Critical Content on that Sunday [with my unscripted travel show]. They loved it, had a meeting [at their offices] five days later. By the end of August they bought it. I will also star and be a producer for the show.” – Darrien E. Burks, 2017

“We did option a TV project from [Hollywood] Pitch Festival, so we had a pretty good time there. Looking forward to next year.” – Bee Holder Productions

“Thank you for my TV Reality Series [deal] with Leverage.” — Linda Butorac

“Truly a top-notch pitch festival, which is the only one of these kind of events that I will attend.”
– Ryan Saul, Paradigm Agency

“Not sure if I told you this but myself and Sheryl Petersen signed Timothy Armstrong from the pitchfest right before the break.” – Adam Perry, APA Agent

“I pitched my drama/comedy script, “Crossing the Line,” to Trancas Films (Halloween) even though they were only looking for horror. I got a call in December, about a year and a half after submitting it to them, asking for an option. I had the option three days later and interest from a network a day after sending them a revised copy. I’m hoping for a very Happy New Year.” — Mark Wryan

“We have a shopping agreement in the works from the Hollywood Pitch Festival, as well as another production company coming on board a project in development. When I’m allowed to talk publicly about the deals, I can give you more info. We received reps too – we love Zero Gravity! Most folks who have reps think it’s weird to go to the pitch festival, but if you do the math, it’s cheaper and more efficient to do your method than spend all year trying to set lunches (and pay for them!) Sincere thanks for all of your hard work. Similar conventions promise access, but you actually deliver.” –Stephanie Yuhas

“I want to thank you for sponsoring the 2018 Hollywood Pitch Festival. The Hollywood Pitch Festival is the best in the entertainment industry and this is evidenced by the disbanding of the other pitchfests over the years. No pitchfest can compete. Several unique things make your pitchfest stand out. First, it is a 3 day event with registering Friday evening, and pitching all day Saturday and Sunday. The registering is an easy process and done quickly; as a matter of fact, it is quicker than registering into the hotel. Screenwriters simply sign-in, get a badge, then are lead into a huge ballroom where there are sign-up sheets for producers and representatives. Each writer is guaranteed 14 meetings with producers. It is a no-brainer process: Place your name and time you desire on the producer’s appointment sheet. Now go on to the next producer’s sheet you want to meet with and choose a different time. This is quick and easy, and fun. And there is an additional bonus: Hollywood Pitch Festival has a stand-by line on Saturday and Sunday. I have never gotten less than 12 additional meetings from the stand-by line, making a total of 26 meetings. This may be the best part of your pitchfest: You always have the top producers in the business. To name a few, I pitched Lakeshore Entertainment, Lionsgate, UTA and Polaris Pictures, and they all wanted my script — I mean, they wanted my script right then and there. Thank goodness, I brought a few hardcopy scripts with me. And every producer I pitched was enthusiastic about hearing my pitch! They all wanted something new. I discussed this with other writers at the pitchfest and they agreed — all of the producers had positive attitudes (with big smiles) and were there to begin new projects. This made for exciting pitching. From Friday evening to Sunday evening there was electricity in the air. Your pitchfest is a great place to network with producers and other screenwriters. A great place to make new friends, and become inspired to write new scripts.
And finally, a big thank you to you and your staff for running a very smooth pitchfest. There is always some little problem that comes up at any conference, but you resolve it immediately and always to the benefit of the screenwriter. Everyone leaves happy Sunday evening. I look forward to next year’s Hollywood Pitch Festival. – William Milano

“After much research, I chose Fade In as my first event of this type to attend. After discussions with dozens of other attendees about other events they had attended, Fade In will be the only event I will attend. My research, combined with anecdotal evidence, leads me to believe that Fade In is currently the best run event, offering the most value for the cost, of all events of this type being offered.
The facilitators of the event were exceptional people doing an exceptional job. They were motivated from the beginning to the end of the event. In front of attendees they displayed a united front and were respectful to each other and the attendees. They were always available to answer questions, did not talk down to people, and were fair when dealing with attendee problems and requests. They set boundaries and held the offenders accountable for their actions.” Johni Hipple, 2016 Attendee

“I’m so impressed with the Fade In bunch. The festival was extremely well-organized and run! (I can’t imagine having to deal with a few hundred anxious writers!) Eight people requested my screenplay and twelve others wanted my contact info… And it wouldn’t have happened without you and your hard-working staff!” — Jamison Spittler

“The Fade In Pitchfest is an extraordinary event. I love attending it and meeting the writers and executives. The staff is exceptional and I appreciate the patience and attention they show the writers in spite of the fact that there are so many of us. It is an event I look forward to and, as always, the quality of companies attending is unmatched. Thanks again for putting together such a great event.”  – Shivakumar Ramanathan

“I got my script optioned by a producer who is actively seeking to package it with talent. That’s all I can ask for. I now have someone who is well connected in the business, getting it read by A-list talent, trying to get it sold. And that’s why I attended the Fade In Pitchfest. So I got what I wanted.” — Doug MacGregor

“I just wanted to thank you for the stellar event. Screenwriters are notoriously needy, but you were gracious and totally professional. We can all take our cues from you if we’re really going to make it as filmmakers.” -Katharine J. Yee

“A perfect score 10/10 on everything you did!” – J. Cook

“I felt engaged from start to finish. And, most importantly, gained a great deal from it both creatively and on a practical level. I pitched my script and generated interest from Trimark, Outlaw Prods, and MPCA. Congratulations on putting together such a splendid weekend. It obviously comes from the heart.” — V. Hardy

“What an experience! A good chunk of the industry made for a sense of community I never thought I’d see in one place at one time. My partner and I covered over 25 meetings, pitching 4 scripts. It was encouraging to be asked for 12 synopses. But the real success was actually doing the pitches. I feel better prepared to get my work out. I can’t thank you too much or compliment you enough. Your efforts went beyond professional! Thank you.” — Malissa Daniel

“Congratulations to all of you who worked on the 7th conference and pitchfest! Good job! Given what needed pulling together, you were wonderful. I was impressed with the caliber and the variety of industry professionals you managed to convene. A class act! Pat yourselves on the back, OK?”— Rosalie Maggio

“Thank you for hosting such an awesome event. I learned, I pitched, and I enjoyed! As if that wasn’t enough, the six major agency spec submissions you set up was worth the admission fee alone! Double kudos!” — Melvin G. Smith

“Thank you for a wonderful weekend. You kept everything moving in a way that I felt guided rather than herded. You created space for this to happen. You also dealt with [a lot of] nervous writers gracefully and graciously. You made us laugh and calmed us down considerably. Thanks for that! As a neophyte screenwriter, I was apprehensive about this whole process. The [filmmaker] on Saturday provided that last minute input I needed to make better pitches. Thanks! I’ll see you at the next one – for sure!” — Karen B. Christensen

“If you’ve ever dreamed of being in a whirlwind of entertainment professionals – that’s what attending the Pitch Festival was like for my partner and I. We met more people in one weekend than we could’ve in the three years we’ve been trying. Our project “Born to Shop” sold to Fox through a producer we’d met and we signed with a William Morris agent – all as a result of the festival! We’ve been working non-stop since.” -A. Neal

“My good fortune at Pitch Fest was doubled – I found great representation and I sold a pitch to two writer-producers, who set up the project with me attached as the writer! Thanks for helping lay the groundwork for what I hope will be a long and fruitful career.” — C. Welsh
[Ms. Welsh’s project, If Only starred Jennifer Love Hewitt and aired on ABC in 2004.]

“As soon as I saw the ad, I knew I had to be there…a two day marathon of pitching to agents, managers and production companies. Altogether I was able to meet with folks from 21 companies. Hours of phone calls and tons of query letters can’t compare to the interest and number of scripts requested in those two days. Hats off to Fade In: for opening the industry doors a bit wider!” — A. Bowers

“I was just asked if I wanted to write a series for one of the companies who attended! If I get that contract, you can bet I’ll be the most vocal champion of your pitchfest! Thanks.” — Lizanne Southgate

“Yours was the third such event I’ve been to, and it was superior, BY FAR! The very best thing was that, because it was so well organized. I didn’t get overwhelmed by the event itself, which made a huge difference in my pitches. Your event really built up my confidence. Thank you, thank you,
thank you!” — Kathryn Ann Ward, Ph.D.

“As a writer from Ohio, far from the industry, it is difficult at best to coordinate meetings with production professionals who will give their undivided attention. I’d like to thank you for having the foresight to develop the idea and the stamina for producing a great weekend. In a day and a half I met with twenty executives and got fourteen positive responses. Regardless of what happens, I know there would be no possible way I would have had the ability to meet with so many people in such a short amount of time. This conference allowed me that opportunity. Thank you.” — L. Grossman

“I’ve been to all the other so-called pitchfests and now I know why they say yours is the only one to go to! Thank you for going the extra mile — it shows.” — Benjamin F. Lewis

“I had two offers for representation…so I would say it was a pretty fruitful way to spend a weekend!”— Michael Su

“I just wanted to extend my thanks and gratitude for your recent event. I have never walked away with so many contacts and results from a pitch festival before, and can actually say that this past weekend was the beginning of the Rest of My Life! Thanks again.” — Cecil Green

“We have had two calls from production houses: one who wants to shop our TV shows and one who wants to weave one of our shows to part of a show that they already have in progress! We have a third house that we have connected with who is taking a closer look at the shows. I will definitely attend your event again!” — V. Fleischer

“I want to thank you for presenting such a professional, well-organized event. This was my third pitch event, and yours was by far the best. The caliber of your speakers and pitch participants far exceeded the other events. I was very impressed and inspired. If nothing breaks for me by the summer, I will definitely be back for your August pitch fest. Thanks again for a first-rate event. It was worth the “double jet-lag!” — Michelle Molhan-Zang

“I’ve just optioned my first screenplay, “Minute Man,” to the Kaufman Company! I even got an agent as a result of my meetings! Thank you so much for providing the vehicle that has launched my writing career!” — Curtis Dale

“I was very impressed with the event and your ability to turn out such an incredible number of well-known companies. You are to be congratulated.” — Burt Peretsky

“Everyone was very pleased with the offering of companies (I’m still thrilled that I had a chance to talk to someone at Dreamworks) and the work that the Fade In people do in keeping things moving smoothly and answering our questions. I was really pleased to see such a wide array of A-list companies to pitch to which, along with the open line option, gives screenwriters a lot of “bang for their buck”! You can’t beat the value presented by the Fade In events and I’m looking forward to the next one.” — Linda Robbins

“Having worked in the business (for producer Susan Cartsonis) and having, through the years, had representation, I, at first, was a bit reluctant to take part. Afraid the level of contacts wouldn’t be there but I was very pleasantly surprised. Will definitely recommend your event to other writers who are on the cusp or need something to revive their careers (a lot of us have lost traction due to the strike). Many thanks. I’m already trading calls with a manager.” — Jennifer Goodson

“I found the invited execs to be exceptionally sharp: they listened, they responded appropriately, and were courteous. I had 26 pitches and not a dud exec among them. I will definitely attend again because you do get quality companies at your event [over others] who are actually making and buying films.” — J Shupe

“Fade In’s pitchfest is the only one I have attended. Why go anywhere else? I would recommend Fade In events to any writer looking to break in to the industry. The access you guys get us is magnificent and your staff is the best!” — K. Standley

“Very impressive conference.” — Peter Hendricks

“I had eight companies either ask for my scripts or give me their info to e-mail/call/follow-up, and about 15 others took my business card and jotted down notes.” — H. Bordogna

“Congratulations and thank you! You ran a smooth and superb pitch festival. It was professional and productive. Everyone did a great job. I will recommend your events to all my writer friends.” — Jeanne Tognetti

“As a writer who has attended your pitchfest for several years in a row, I’m constantly amazed by how many new companies you always have from year to year. In fact, this year I almost didn’t attend, feeling that there can’t possibly be many more companies left to meet. Then the exec list arrives and additions are made, and with 200 companies total, there’s a grand total of fifteen execs I don’t need to meet. Fifteen! I do 35 pitches each year (using the open meeting line to the max) and that’s it! Amazing! I don’t know how you do it, but you guys are the best pitch-bang for the buck out there.” — Michael Buhlman

“I wanted to thank you for another great pitch event. You hold the crown for running the very best events. I had an excellent time and five direct requests for scripts… My best to you all.” — Nancy Raven Smith

“We have nine interested companies ranging from wanting the synopsis/treatment to [wanting the completed] script. My writing partner and I had a great experience at pitchfest. The staff and attendees were great and very professional. James was a huge help…he got us a meeting with an agent that wants our script…so a huge THANKS to James from the Florida ladies.” — R. Swann

“Great staff. I was very impressed with the efficiency and how helpful and cool all the people involved in the event. I thank you all so much for creating such a wonderful event, allowing writers who have no other access or contacts to make connections and have their work seen by industry professionals.” — Matthew Altman

“I went with the intention of pitching one script. I wound up pitching five. Of the five, three reps asked for a treatment of one script (family film), one asked for a treatment and another for the first act of the second (action/adventure); another told me she would be contacting me for either a treatment or the first act of the third (after recommending my historical epic to her boss), and a treatment was requested for my fourth script (comic horror). What a positive experience. I made good contacts, new friends and received a big boost to my confidence based on the reactions of the reps, especially Dreamworks, who really loved my script, as I thought they might. Thank you for making sure I had a pitch with Dreamworks. If anything should happen with them, or any of the other companies, I will be sure to let you know.” — Craig Farkas

“I wanted to thank you for the great job that you all did. It was a great experience, and truly worth it. Thanks for all your hard work.” — Maha Awad

“Thank you for your great work in putting on this event. Having done the query letter dance (esp. the part about people not accepting unsolicited query letters), I really appreciated being able to sit down and pitch face-to-face with big-time agencies, production companies and studios. Your integrity during the event was shown by your spanking of the two guys who left early. Thanks for backing us up. I will continue to look to Fade In for materials on breaking in and would definitely consider your next Pitch Festival.” — Harris Max

“The lineup was the best I recall ¬— lots of big producers who get movies made. This is access I would not otherwise have (from Illinois). Great job, FADE IN.” — Ed Knies

“Thank you so much for the weekend. My husband I had amazingly encouraging feedback. Many script requests and many to come, according to the representatives we met. I am now in lockdown, working on final checks and feedback, before sending the script off. You’ve opened doors that were impossible for me to even approach. Thank you so much for that, and for the wonderful staff that supported us. You must have exhausted yourselves. Thank you, it was worth it. Your efforts are turning into new films as we speak!” — Jemilah

“So far we’ve got 14 requests for scripts, which we consider to be an excellent result. Thank you guys for a great networking event! See ya next year!” — Alexis Sobol