Robin Schiff has been a working TV and feature film writer for more than forty years. She is currently an executive producer on the Netflix series Emily in Paris. She is super excited to be writing a sequel to her 1997 movie Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion, which will star Lisa Kudrow, Mira Sorvino and others from the original cast. Robin was a member of famed L.A. improv troupe The Groundlings, which is where she honed her comedy skills. In her free time, Robin likes to watch TV and nap.

Acquire the tools you need for success with the Executive Producer of Emily in Paris and the writer of Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion 1 & 2.


Do you have a story, but you don’t know if it’s working?
Do you have several stories but don’t know which one to choose?
Do you have a character you love but no setting or story yet?
Do you have a setting but no idea how to populate it?
Do you have an inkling of an idea for a character, but you aren’t sure how to flesh it out into a recognizable human being?
Get feedback and gain insight from veteran writer Robin Schiff.

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You want to write but
You can’t get yourself to keep a regular schedule.
You are full of self-doubt.
You judge everything you are thinking of to the point of paralysis.
You are afraid of rejection.
You have trouble springing back after criticism or rejection.
You feel confused about which choice to make.
This is all a normal part of the life of a writer. But you need to learn coping mechanisms so that you can rise to the occasion and do it anyway.
Learn tips and suggestions from Robin Schiff that will help you with the process of writing.
*For both aspiring and experienced writers.

Limited to 15 participants | Includes Q & A
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