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Extensive. Thorough. Knowledgeable. Our script analysis lends solid support to your rewrite by focusing on such necessities as a strong, marketable premise, a solid story structure, original and fully rounded characters, crisp dialogue and proper pacing. Quite simply, the best service of its type anywhere. Just ask our satisfied customers…


“I’ve read over Fade In’s analysis of my script and found it absolutely fantastic. It is the most detailed, comprehensive and thorough dissection of my script. It is thoughtful and nuanced and shows that you considered the script and story in its entirety. I’ve received countless feedback from others over the months and while you share some of the same concerns with them, you raised many that have not been thought of. You clearly understand my story and the characters and the themes I’ve trying to convey. Thank you.” K. Pally


“I have to admit that I opened the notes with some trepidation, but they’re excellent and I’m all fired up about making the script better. [Allen] had obviously read the script carefully and given it a lot of thought. I’m profoundly grateful. Thank you. Thank you.” – David Ullendorff


“Thank you for the absolutely amazing, crystal clear, highly professional set of in-depth notes on my screenplay. I estimate I heeded at least three quarters of the notes, usually doing precisely as suggested, and in other cases at least adding “grace notes” to address the issue you raised. On the whole, I couldn’t be happier with the attention given my script. I am very grateful.” S. Sublett


“I have to say, I have had a lot of coverage over the years, but these are some of the best notes I’ve ever received. There are a lot of schmucks passing themselves off as script consultants these days, so it is breath of fresh air get some truly valuable feedback. Thanks for being the real deal.” – Jimmy Monack


“We received invaluable notes from Allen. He went through our script LINE by LINE to get it “Market Ready.” We have now landed a producer and look forward to taking the next step.” – Schukei & Petersen


“I just wanted to thank you for these incredibly thoughtful notes. These are, without question, the best, most useful notes I have ever received for a script. I really appreciate it. I look forward to using your ideas as though they were my own.” – Thomas Pace


“I honestly didn’t expect the notes to be this good.” – A. Sharma


“I think I can say in all honesty that Allen’s notes were some of the best I’ve ever received. It’s one thing to have people enjoy your work and validate you as a writer by telling you your script was great, it’s a whole other level of amazing when someone actually reads between the lines and ‘gets’ exactly what you are going for. It’s an incredible feeling to say the least. Allen’s notes showed clearly that he ‘got’ the script and understood exactly what I was trying to say with it. His notes and suggestions served to help me better deliver my message in a more clear, concise way. It also makes it easier for me to see and understand what is and isn’t working when a reader is giving notes from that perspective. Allen’s notes were a breeze to take and implement. I was actually fairly excited to roll up my sleeves and get to work. Which I think is the ideal reaction one should have upon receiving notes. Most times, I get notes that tell me what my scripts ‘should’ be about, or the reader has a different picture in their head and would feel better about the piece if it conformed more closely with that vision, regardless of whether or not it has anything to do with what I set out to write. Which is fine. I accept that this is a collaborative business and that if I’m asking people to invest time, sweat and monetary equity into my ideas, I should be flexible and willing to work without being precious about it. But that sentiment can be tough to swallow when I get told things like I should rewrite my script as a wacky, Rob Schneider-esque comedy, or that I should change the subject matter completely and write something 180 degrees from what I intended. I’ve gotten these suggestions and many more since I finished my script and I cannot stress enough how refreshing it is to have someone finally connect with the message I was trying to send. I dream about getting notes like this! Thanks again.” – Nicholas Johnson


“Allen’s notes were extremely valuable, on many levels.” – T. Seidman


“I’ve reviewed your notes and I am so pleased with them all! You nailed it! I understand everything and have already started the rewrite. I also want to thank you for the generous comments about the story, characters and script as a whole. It feels good to hear these five words in particular: ‘It feels like a movie.'” – Karon Aghotte


“The notes I got from Fade In/Allen were some of the best notes I had ever received.” – C. Berger


“I have to admit that I opened the notes with some trepidation, but they’re excellent and I’m all fired up about making the script better.” – David Ullendorff


Each analysis includes:


Overview – Three to six pages of general suggestions for your entire screenplay. In this section we examine the viability of your story’s premise (in any premise, producers, agents and studio executives tend to look for three specific elements), discuss how well you’ve explored your dramatic/comedic themes, suggest ways to restructure your story for greater impact, critique your characters and offer ways to make them stronger and less predictable, and help you with any dialogue problems. We may even suggest a new, stronger title. You’re free to implement any of these ideas into your screenplay to increase its power and marketability.


Story Notes – Indexed by page number for easy reference, this line-by-line analysis helps highlight specific script problems and makes revisions simple. This section covers such elements as setups and payoffs, story reversals, set pieces, subplots, dialogue, dramatic beats, and plot holes. We’ll point out those areas we think are strong, identify elements we feel are weak and, where possible, make suggestions as to how the script can be improved so that you can take your script to the “next level” – and produce a solid rewrite you can show to agents and producers with confidence.


Formatting – It’s not only important that your story be well-executed, but your script has to read professionally as well. It must be formatted to prevailing industry standards to attain maximum reader interest. In short, it must look like a Hollywood screenplay. We help you achieve this by pointing out corrects your script needs. We also provide specific examples of proper margins, scene slugs, dialogue formatting, etc., when necessary.


Follow Up – Once you’ve received and gone over your complete analysis package, our analyst will make himself available via phone or Skype video to answer any questions you may have during the rewriting process.


Agent Referral – Here at Fade In, we have a bevy of contacts within the entertainment industry. If we feel your script is ready to be marketed after going through analysis, we’ll recommend you to prominent agents, managers and producers – FREE of charge!


About Fade In Analyst Allen B. Ury
Allen B. Ury is a screenwriter who has sold several projects to major film studios, including Disney and New Line Cinema. Since 1993, he has analyzed well over 3,000 screenplays for both aspirants and professionals — including scripts that went on to be nominated for Oscars. Ury is more than just a screenwriter and highly sought-after analyst (by both aspiring and professional filmmakers), he is also the author of more than fifteen books, including Secrets of the Screen Trade, endorsed by agents at WME and United Talent Agency (UTA).


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