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Award-winning director Neil Marshall may have been nominated for an Emmy for helming the medieval fantasy “Game of Thrones” episode “The Watchers on the Wall” but his heart remains in the eighties. Let him tell you why…

An extraordinary first-hand account of collaborating with the great Akira Kurosawa by the screenwriter of “Rashomon,” “Ikiru” & “Seven Samurai,” Shinobu Hashimoto.

It wasn’t quite Murphy’s Law, but when writer-director Victor Levin shot his first feature, “5 to 7,” in New York City, let’s just say that not everything went according to plan. You got a problem with that?

Dale Sherman shares an excerpt on the frequent visuals and concepts in Tarantino films from his insightful new book “Quentin Tarantino FAQ: Everything Left to Know About the Original Reservoir Dogs.”

From The Archives

The structure of We’ll Never Have Paris is pretty true to life. It’s my story, when I was somewhat young and in the midst of a quarter-life crisis: I break up with the love of my life and then realize I’ve made a huge mistake and try to win her back. I don’t know what came first; the idea or the breakup. I got caught in sort of a spiral of neuroses. To say I lost some perspective is an understatement.

Gifted young actors from the U.K. have been coming to Hollywood since the silent era, but few have captured as much attention, or earned as much praise, as quickly as Jack O’Connell. Anyone who sees Unbroken (or any of his recent films, for that matter) will understand why. Based on the bestselling biography by Seabiscuit author …

On my office wall is an index card with a quote from the great John Boorman: “If I don’t know what a film is about, I go on to make it.” I knew Cake was about navigating loss, but somehow I didn’t connect it to my own experiences of loss until embarrassingly late to the game.